What’s Your Roadblock? Mapping the Road to Life Insurance

Posted by Admin on September 30, 2015

Are you facing a roadblock to life insurance? Many people do not have the life insurance they need because they are not aware of its affordability or they do not fully understand the options offered. Having insured many clients, the cost is often reasonable and the choices are made clear with a few questions. The road to life insurance can be easily navigated!

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Despite the common thought that life insurance is expensive, term coverage can be easily affordable for almost any budget. $500,000 of term life insurance can be paid for just by switching a morning latte for a coffee! No one should let presumed cost drive him or her away from getting a quote on coverage.


When it comes to options, the first question to ask yourself is what would you like to policy to do upon your passing. Would you like the policy to pay your final expenses or pay off mortgages, cars, or other unsecured debt? Would you like it to fund your children’s college education? You may want or need a life insurance policy for more than just one of the reasons listed. A great way to see how much life insurance would be a good start for you is to use a life insurance calculator like the one below. Calculators are great resources in helping  you determine an amount that would suit your individual needs.


If you already have a policy and the needs you purchased that policy have changed, we can review your policy and recalculate your needs based upon your current situation.


Don’t let the unknowns of a life insurance policy deter you from getting a quote or purchasing coverage. Most clients either don’t have any life insurance coverage at all, or don’t have enough. I can help map the road of life insurance for you. Let’s make sure your coverage is right where it needs to be!

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