A Good Vibes Greeting: ‘Tis the Season!

Posted by Shanna Franklin on December 15, 2017

It’s always exciting when transitioning into a new way of life. I’m relatively new to Hickory and moved here from Charlotte, NC. This different pace of life for me also included a change in jobs – still in the insurance industry, but working in a new office. This reality in and of itself can be intimidating or perhaps stir up a feeling of uncertainty within someone. This has not been the case for me, however, since coming to Broome Associates.

We strive to create a positive culture in our workplace. Our office’s Good Vibes initiative is a tool that we use to bring positivity and encouragement both inside the agency, as well as outward to the community. Our “Secret Encourager” program is very similar to the Secret Santa idea that people implement this time of year. As I like to think of it, we each act as ‘encouragement agents’ to our fellow co-workers. These random acts of kindness do help to foster a sense of community and care among all of us in the office. We reveal ourselves at the appointed time, and when we find out there are bountiful smiles. Not to mention, attitudes of gratitude extend all around.

This is the season when fellowship, love, and joy are extended to one another. I’m so happy to work in this environment at Broome Associates, where the ‘feeling’ is honestly exuded and demonstrated ALL year long (not just at the end of the year for a few months). We just recently had our office Thanksgiving potluck-style dinner and relationship building exercise as well (painting at the Freckled Frog – see our pictures below!). What doesn’t bring folks together like food and fun? The tables were covered with our homemade buffet-style dinner options. We couldn’t get over all of the wonderful smells wafting in the air: of turkey, mac-and-cheese, green beans, creamed corn, sweet potato casserole, deviled eggs, and a host of other foods and delicious desserts. It was so heartwarming to me to sit at the table with my co-workers, where we could let our hair down and just relax. We each pulled a name of a coworker, prior to dinner, to tell them what we were thankful for about them. After we ate dinner, we each had an opportunity to stand up and do just that. How nice, to be able to hear kind words of affirmation and praise spoken upon you by your friends, colleagues, and work family. It’s definitely nice to work somewhere where life can be and is spoken to you, in order to build you up! I can honestly say that there was an air of genuine happiness and excitement in the air that afternoon. It was a true time of living out the notion of “giving thanks”.

I have found that life is a series of fortunate events. These events and experiences that we all have in our lives, good or bad, are what make each of our respective journeys unique and special. I say that beauty, merriment, and enjoyment are feelings that do not have to be reserved for outside of the office. Harmony and camaraderie can happen to us all during this holiday time of year, and it can happen all year long as well (both in our workplaces & in our everyday lives too)!

I am glad to have a workplace that makes a conscious effort to spread Good Vibes. I don’t, you don’t, and WE don’t have to wait for the months of November and December to share this feeling.  Let’s all make a conscious effort to bring the “’Tis the Season” sentiment to our lives in every aspect! God bless you, and remember to live on purpose.

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