Taking the Step: Our Office’s Worksite Wellness Program

Posted by Jerrica Starnes on July 14, 2017

Studies have shown that workplace wellness programs have been successful in helping people develop and maintain healthy lifestyles. Our organization is here to lead by example in successfully implementing a wellness initiative and having employees who are continuously striving for a healthier lifestyle.

Here at Broome Associates, we have a workplace wellness program through Discover Wellness. Discover provides our employees with a realistic path to change their unhealthy behaviors while continuously motivating them to follow through. Each month we have a meeting with our dedicated wellness coach and they help us set attainable goals to achieve over the coming month. Our coaches provide us with resources, such as recipes, workouts, advice, and more to help us meet our goals. This is crucial because taking the first step towards a change like this can be hard, especially when you don’t have the resources or the knowledge base to do so.

Working in insurance, specifically health insurance, we know how important it is to have a healthy population. Unhealthy behaviors lead to health risks, which can eventually lead to the development of chronic diseases and will ultimately increase overall health care costs. In addition to rising health care costs, having a healthier population can also improve productivity and overall morale. Encouraging employees to become healthier, and allowing them to do so, has made such a positive impact on our own population.

Having the opportunity to participate in workplace wellness is a benefit that not only betters our workplace but also betters our lives. We have developed a culture where wellness is valued and constantly talked about. Broome offers the employees rewards for participation, which is a nice motivator for people to take that first step in becoming healthier. Employees make it their goal to accumulate “wellness points” throughout the measurement period to qualify for our bi-annual incentive trip. This can include anything from meeting your daily step goals to participating in corporate wellness challenges. Not only does this added wellness benefit motivate employees to make healthier choices, it also holds us accountable to our commitment to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Scott and Holly accepted the WellBusiness designation for the agency at the award luncheon on June 29th.

This commitment has led us to earn the Gold WellBusiness designation for three years in a row, most recently in 2017. The community award is based on national recommendations of worksite wellness and requires companies to exhibit commitments to nutrition, physical activity, tobacco use, and the organization’s support of these practices. We were proud to be one of 25 businesses in Catawba County receiving this designation. Our agency is honored to receive these awards that give us public recognition for the commitments we make, but more importantly we are excited to work in an environment that supports challenges for a healthy lifestyle.







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