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Manage Your Workers' Compensation Claims

Poorly managed workers' compensation claims can cost your company time and money, both in the short term and in the long run. Not only is your employee's recovery impacted by the quality of claims management, but so is your company's safety record, experience modifier, and productivity.

A Partner of

Here’s The Solution

We have partnered with East Cost Risk Management to offer a team of dedicated Workers' Compensation professionals with extensive experience managing work-related injuries. Our experts understand that proper management of a claim can minimize insurance costs and safeguard your productivity. Our risk management team knows how to manage complex, litigated, and questionable claims. We will work with insurance adjusters and medical providers to ensure appropriate care for your employee while protecting your best interests.

From setting up a panel of medical providers to creating modified-duty programs, we follow every claim from initial report through final close.

Benefits of Risk Management

  • Minimize OSHA recordables
  • Reduce employee lost time
  • Encourage early and appropriate return-to-work through modified-duty programs
  • Control the cost of each workers' compensation claim
  • Maintain an optimal experience modifier

Put our knowledge and strength to work for you.

Email or call a Risk Management Agent at (828) 328-5671 to learn how we can help you manage your Risk Management needs.