Your Life Insurance Team

Meet Miriam
Miriam Punch
Personal Risk Advisor
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Wanda Greer
Personal Account Manager
Meet Shanna
Shanna Franklin
Personal Account Manager
Meet Chelsea
Chelsea England
Personal Account Manager
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Jessica Dickson
Personal Account Manager

Protect Your Family From the Unexpected

Are you covered when it comes to the unexpected in life? Is your family protected? Though life does not always follow our plans, support for your loved ones and dreams for your family can be secure with personal life insurance.

Navigating life insurance can be difficult, which is why we have partnered with Life Happens. Together, we have provided a free resource for learning about the types of life insurance and recognizing how valuable it can be. Broome Associates can then help you determine how affordable a life insurance policy can be for you.

Life Happens Calculator

Email or call a Life Insurance Agent at (828) 328-5671 to learn how we can help you manage your Life Insurance needs.