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Understanding Your Options with Marketplace Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act requires everyone in the United States to have healthcare coverage for themselves and their family. You may have questions about Open Enrollment or whether you might qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). Therefore, we offer free consultation to answer your questions and help you enroll for the insurance coverage you need.

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Open Enrollment

Annual Open Enrollment for individual health insurance occurs from November 1st through December 15th. This is the time of year to sign up for a Health Insurance Marketplace plan, change plans, or renew your plan. Based on household income, many individuals and families qualify for a subsidy to reduce cost. Download our ACA Flowchart to determine whether you qualify. If you already have insurance through the Marketplace and you have experienced a change in your household income or status such as a marriage, birth, or death, you are required to update your income during this time. Anyone under 65 who does not have health insurance through the Marketplace, a private plan, or an employer is subject to a government penalty. The penalty for 2019 is $0.

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How We Can Help You

We offer free individual health consultation for you during Open Enrollment. Are you changing a Blue Cross plan or are coming to the Marketplace for the first time? We provide practical options and help you decide which is best for your financial and medical needs. Often, we can discover a more affordable health plan. We assess which plan can work for you and determine whether you qualify for a subsidy or a cost-sharing reduction. Finally, to obtain health insurance with Blue Cross and Blue Shield through the Marketplace, there are some documents you will need to complete your enrollment.

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