Potential Pitfalls to Renewing Your Marketplace Plan

Posted by Laura Thomas on December 7, 2016

Are you aware of the big date on the Open Enrollment calendar next week? If you were covered on a Marketplace health plan last year, you may remember that December 15th is the deadline to renew your plan for a January 1st effective date. The window extends to January 31st to catch a February 1st or March 1st effective date for health insurance, the last options in Open Enrollment for 2017. If you choose renew a plan on your own or allow an Aetna or UHC plan to be mapped over to Blue Cross, pitfalls could prevent reenrolling with the same coverages for 2017.

  • HSA – Do you have an HSA (Health Savings Account)? If you simply renew your plan from last year, you may not be automatically renewed on your HSA plan. Depending on the HSA plan you had last year, you need to initiate a plan change to keep an HSA account.
  • Aetna & UHC Mapping to BCBS – Were you covered by Aetna or UHC last year? Your health insurance will be mapped to Blue Cross for 2017, but Blue Cross may not enroll you on an equivalent plan. Most mapped plans, instead, will convert to a BlueValue plan. This plan drastically limits your network and could exclude the providers you normally visit. See our blog post to understand the Blue Cross network in Catawba County for BlueValue and other Blue Cross plans.

Your health insurance choice does not have to be made alone! Tap into the knowledge of an agent to help you decide and enroll. To schedule an appointment for free consultation, call us at 828-328-5671 or email us at contact@broome-associates.com.

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