Reaching 65: What Do You Need To Know About Medicare?

Posted by Admin on May 14, 2015

Are you or is someone you know reaching the “wonder years” of Medicare eligibility in 2015? You may run into a variety of questions: Do you understand the “Initial Enrollment Period” and what the requirements are? Do you know you have to initiate enrollment with Medicare and how that is accomplished? Knowing the answers to these questions prior to turning 65 is vital.

The Initial Enrollment Period in Medicare is a seven-month period beginning 3 months prior to the month of Medicare eligibility (usually, when you turn age 65) and ending on the last day of the 3rd month following the month of Medicare eligibility. This is the time that you are eligible to enroll on Medicare. (Generally, you must initiate enrollment to have Medicare coverage, with the exception of those who are on disability and are automatically enrolled.)

There are two options on how to enroll on Medicare: you can either enroll online through the website or visit your local Social Security administration office. Once enrolled in Medicare, you will still have gaps in coverage and will need to look for a Medicare Supplement policy, Rx plan policy, or Medicare Advantage policy.

Because all of these choices can be overwhelming, Broome Associates will be holding seminars to help educate clients and the community on how to enroll on Medicare and how to pick the gap policies that fit your personal needs. Choosing a Medigap plan and an Rx plan are based on each person’s individual medical needs, which is why it is often a good choice to see an agent to help navigate the “alphabet” of Medicare parts and plans. Whether you choose plans through an agent or not, it is free to learn about your options. See the flyer for more information on how you, your friends, or your family can learn about Medicare.

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