Protecting Your Rides: Are You Fully Covered?

Posted by Admin on May 12, 2015

As the weather warms up and the sun starts the shine, most of us typically have one thing in mind: enjoying every minute of it. How do you spend your spring and summer months outside? Do you own a motorcycle, or an antique or customized vehicle? Often, the excitement of enjoying our “toys” keeps us from making sure they are properly insured.

It is important to select a policy that is tailored to your individual needs. Not every auto policy is the same: customized paint jobs, aftermarket accessories, and engine modifications often lead to large gaps in coverage. In the event of a claim, you will want to be fully covered. For example, when customized vehicles are insured, the premium is based off the insurable value of the vehicle. If your vehicle has a custom paint job at $10,000, chrome plating and accessories at $6,000, and a custom designed interior at $15,000, then we need to make sure the additional value of $31,000 is added to the insurance policy. Most companies also require photos of your vehicle to keep on file.

Does your motorcycle have helmet coverage or roadside assistance? Does your specialized vehicle policy have a mileage limitation and/or towing coverage? Most often overlooked, these are important questions to ask yourself whether you need coverage year round or for just a few short months.

We offer free policy reviews and quotes in the office, and on Saturday, May 16th, we will be out at Cars & Coffee to talk with you about fully covering your automobile. Cars & Coffee is a benefit car show at Carmike 15 in Hickory. Hosted by Cosmo Motors with coffee and food from area restaurants, all proceeds go to Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. More information is available on the flyers and on the event page. We hope to see you there!

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