Our Team

Our team is trained to analyze your needs by utilizing a computerized multiple-carrier rating system that compares numerous competing insurance company rates to offer the best possible value. State-of-the-art technology is also used to improve workflow and customer service. All staff is required to be licensed by the NC Department of Insurance. The agency finances and encourages professional designation program training and uses continuing education to hone our technical skills, so we are willing and able to respond to the needs of our insureds in a timely manner.

Meet Robert
Robert W. Broome, Jr.
President & Business Risk Consultant
Meet Scott
J. Scott Broome
Chief Operations Officer
Meet Andrew
Andrew Kaiser
Director of Health & Benefits
Meet Lori
Lori Alala
Health & Benefits Consultant
Meet Emily
Emily Westmoreland
Operations Manager
Meet Terri
Terri Buchanan
Accounting Manager
Meet David
David W. Neal
Business Risk Consultant
Meet Trey
Trey Broome
Business Risk Consultant
Meet Paula
Paula Johnson
Commercial Account Manager
Meet Joseph
Joseph Belt
Commercial Account Manager
Meet Holly
Holly Kondas
Commercial Account Manager
Meet Jerrica
Jerrica Starnes
Health & Benefits Consultant
Meet Megan
Megan Johnson
Health & Benefits Consultant
Meet Miriam
Miriam Punch
Personal Risk Advisor
Meet Shanna
Shanna Franklin
Personal Account Manager
Meet Chelsea
Chelsea England
Personal Account Manager
Meet Jessica
Jessica Dickson
Personal Account Manager
Meet Laura
Laura Thomas
Project Coordinator