Managing Risk: Social Media and Commercial General Liability

Posted by Admin on January 5, 2018

Do you use social media for your small business? Managing company pages on social media websites puts you at risk. What would you do if one of your competitors made claims you badmouthed them in a post or video?

Even well-meaning tweets and posts can lead to lawsuits. They put you at risk of accidentally committing libel, slander, and copyright infringement; and your chance for an invasion of privacy increases drastically. You can be sued even over an honest mistake.

Here are some examples of common social media mistakes that could get you sued:

  • Libel: a written statement that hurts someone’s professional reputation (I.e., Getting upset at a competitor and attacking their character in a post for everyone to see.)
  • Slander: a spoken statement that hurts someone’s professional reputation (I.e., Posting a video making snide remarks about a competitor.)
  • Copyright or brand infringement: using someone else’s creation without their permission (I.e., Posting pictures that you do not have permission to use or are not used appropriately under the Creative Commons license.)
  • Privacy invasion: intruding upon someone’s personal business without their consent (I.e., Posting pictures you took of a happy client who did not give his or her consent.)

In this day and age, we should realize that once something is on the internet it cannot be completely deleted or erased.

Rest assured, you can be covered when it comes to this risk. Commercial General Liability protects you from third-party lawsuits over bodily injury, property damage, and, in this case, advertising injury.

Make sure you have Commercial General Liability coverage and confirm it includes advertising injury. Don’t let a mistake cost you your time, energy, money, and potentially your business. Please give us a call if you are concerned about your risk and would like to get a quote on this important coverage.

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