Health Literacy Presentation: Broome Associates Hosts Discover Wellness

Posted by Broome Associates on May 26, 2015

What have you heard about health literacy? This month, Broome Associates hosted Dr. Susan Rucker and Dana Plummer of Discover Wellness for the Broome Associates Seminar Series. Each event in the Seminar Series highlights a specific topic that is relevant to company executives. On Tuesday, May 19, 2015, they presented on the importance of health literacy and wellness for businesses at the Lake Hickory Country Club.


Scott Broome introduces Dr. Susan Rucker and Registered Dietitian Dana Plummer.

As part of a corporate wellness group devoted to creating a relational culture of healthy living, Director Susan Rucker and Wellness Coach Dana Plummer covered the seminar agenda’s topics in tandem, including defining health literacy, outcomes of poor health literacy, and ways to address wellness. Using a combination of health risk evaluation and coaching exercises, they showed how Discover Wellness brings quantifiable results.


Dr. Susan Rucker presents on the growing prevalence of obesity.

The Discover Wellness presentation was engaging and backed with solid research and experience in the field, which reflects the quality and effectiveness of their programs. As a wellness consultant to Broome Associates, Discover Wellness is a vital advisor to ensuring the agency’s health and wellness. The partnership was instrumental in helping Broome Associates achieve a Gold level WellBusiness award from the Catawba County Cancer Task Force. Broome Associates was proud to share this resource with friends.


Dana gets everyone moving with a sampling of office exercises put to music.

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