Good Vibes Challenge

Create a Positive Culture in Your Workplace

At Broome Associates, we believe that it is important to give back to the community to enrich others while creating a positive workplace culture that encourages our team. To combine our mission, we formed a “Good Vibes” committee to put these goals to action.

With the goal of “helping people” at the heart of our agency, we seek to extend our good vibes into the community. The Good Vibes committee selects events to allow for our staff to volunteer our time and works alongside local organizations to donate needed items. Many of our employees feel personally enriched to be helping others in the community, bringing these “Good Vibes” full circle.

The Good Vibes committee also created a "Secret Encourager" program for our team members to send anonymous words, notes, and tokens of encouragement and appreciation to one another within a window of time. These good vibe gestures are then shared throughout the company in emails to all staff with "thank you, whoever you are" notes and photos of the gift or words of encouragement, until the Secret Encouragers are revealed at the end of the program. It is fun and uplifting to be surprised with your favorite snack or be remembered on a special date by your Secret Encourager!

How does your office give back to community or encourage each other on the team? This is our Good Vibes Challenge to you!

Create Good Vibes In Your Community

Here's what we have done in our community:

Create Good Vibes In Your Office

Here's how you can be Secret Encouragers:

Step 1

Have each person on your staff fill out a sheet of their favorite things (such as food, candy, drinks, colors, and hobbies) and information about themselves (special dates like their birthday and anniversary) to be kept in a central location accessible to all employees.

Step 2

Everyone either draws a name or gets randomly assigned a person to start sending good vibes.

Step 3

Each person should start secretly sending encouraging notes, “thank yous”, or small gifts to the person they drew, and can refer to the employee information sheets to get ideas along the way.

Step 4

Take photos of your staff receiving their encouraging notes or gifts, and share them throughout your office!

That's it!

Feel free to be creative with the process. The challenge is not written in stone, but is meant to evolve in ways that enrich you and your company. An encouraged and motivated team is a happy team, which leads to a positive workplace culture.

If your workplace is interested in starting Good Vibes, please contact our Good Vibes Outreach Coordinator, Holly Kondas, at We would be happy to help you get started!