Consultative Approach

Trusted Advisors

Broome Associates has a dedicated team of professionals and services focused on advising clients. This service is separate from the typical brokerage model and is totally transparent in its fee-based (rather than commission-based) approach. Our team is trained in not only generating solutions but also implementing them. This approach adds value and generates a trusting partnership while solving risk management, insurance negotiation, and human resource issues.

We're Solution Focused.

Broome Associates strives to keep advisory fees reasonable and competitive. Compared to other standard advisory services, Broome usually lands below any standard commission level.

Our Consultative Services Are:

  • Based upon actionable facts and measurable outcomes
  • Built around solid, professional research
  • Created for a sense of shared accountability
  • Provided with distinctive value
  • Most of all, earned by trust

We Honor Our Clients With:

  • Due diligence
  • A proffered value piece
  • A "no sales" approach:
    • We partner to build relationships
    • Fully understand complicated issues
    • Drive profitability for your bottom line

What makes us different?

Traditional Broker Bidding Process

  • Talks about themselves and their products, trying to leverage a personal relationship for their own self-promotion
  • Will ask clients for copies of their expiring policies, focusing on simply renewing policies
  • Spends the majority of their energy tying up the insurance market with policy quote requests
  • Proposes the least expensive quotes by default
  • Hopes they have the lowest quotes, cross their fingers, and then attempts to “put out fires” when necessary

Our Consultative Approach

  • We RESEARCH our clients, interview key players, listen to them, and work to earn their trust in every interaction.
  • We PARTNER with our clients to determine the best risk management strategy for themselves or their business to ensure financial stability.
  • We IMPLEMENT appropriate strategies, including claims management, safety consulting, insurance, HR management, and employee training.
  • We NEGOTIATE rates based on the information gathered in order to gain the best rates, reduce risk and increase profitability.
  • We MONITOR your results and report back to you throughout the year with ideas for continuously improving services and eliminating claims that could impact client growth.