Comparing Blue Cross Networks in Catawba County

Posted by Laura Thomas on December 7, 2016

Knowing your local health care network shapes informed decisions about your health insurance. In the changing healthcare market, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) offers a variety of healthcare networks spread across their products in the Marketplace and employer plans. In late November 2016, many Catawba County area residents learned that BlueValue plans would exclude them from care in the Catawba Valley Medical Group (CVMG), including all providers associated with Catawba Valley Medical Center (CVMC). The BlueValue plan, fortunately, represents only one of several Blue Cross Blue Shield plans sold in North Carolina.


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Do you know if your 2017 plan excludes or tiers your providers in Catawba County? Within Marketplace plans that are not managed by an employer, Blue Cross sells 3 categories: BlueAdvantage, BlueSelect, and BlueValue. (Blue Local is another product that is sold in the Charlotte region but not in Catawba County.) BlueAdvantage and BlueSelect plans use the same networks, though BlueSelect plans are tiered. BlueAdvantage and BlueSelect plans include both CVMG and Frye Regional Medical Center (FRMC) providers. BlueValue is the only product that restricts covered care
to the Frye network. Most group plans are BlueOptions plans, containing both CVMG and FRMC providers.

Unless you only see FRMC providers, you will find the best options with either BlueAdvantage or BlueSelect individual health plans in 2017. If you are on a group plan through an employer, BlueOptions affords coverage among providers of both Catawba County hospitals. Visit for a current list of specialists in your network. If you are unsure of your options, we can help you select a plan that will allow you to continue using your preferred services. Give us a call at 828-328-5671 or email us at to
schedule an appointment.


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