Commercial Property Insurance: Why to Consider Your Coinsurance Provision

Posted by Paula Johnson on February 2, 2018

Do you have an adequate limit of insurance on your commercial building? Be aware that if your business property is not adequately insured at the time of loss, you could be subject to a penalty. A standard provision in the commercial property insurance form is coinsurance. This provision states that you, as the insured, agree to […]

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Understanding Your Commercial Auto Policy: Covered Auto Symbols

Posted by Paula Johnson on December 1, 2017

When was the last time you looked at the covered auto symbols in your Business Auto Policy (BAP)? Did you know that the symbols entered in the Schedule of Coverages and Covered Autos sections designate the types of autos you have elected to cover? This is important to know because only covered autos are insured under your […]

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Is Your Business Protected? Keeping Your Company Safe From Theft and Fraud

Posted by Paula Johnson on August 31, 2015

Almost every business today relies on computers to manage their banking and financial activities. While this has made transacting business more convenient, it has also created new risks. A hacker with the right knowledge and equipment can access an organization’s bank account and steal significant sums of money. A company may also be exposed to […]

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