Health Insurance Update: 2017 Changes to Annual Open Enrollment

Posted by Megan Johnson on December 8, 2017

As you probably know, the Annual Open Enrollment for 2018 Health Insurance is now underway. Did you know it is almost over? You have ONE WEEK until December 15th, 2017 to make any changes, enroll in a new plan, or switch from a grandfathered policy to a new ACA compliant plan. So, what is new […]

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2017 Marketplace Open Enrollment Changes and Options

Posted by Megan Johnson on November 1, 2016

It’s that time of year again! Annual Open Enrollment begins today, November 1st, 2016. Although we are now in our third Annual Open Enrollment period, or “AEP”, there are some major changes this year. You do not have to navigate the Marketplace on your own! Our Health and Benefits team is well versed with all […]

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Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs): Important Documents for Your Group-Sponsored Plans

Posted by Megan Johnson on July 24, 2015

Has your business filed a Summary Plan Description (SPD) for your employee welfare benefit plan? The Department of Labor describes the SPD as “the primary vehicle for informing participants and beneficiaries about their rights and benefits,” and employers are legally obligated to provide each plan participant with a copy of the SPD, free of charge. […]

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Understanding ACA Penalties and Subsidy Payback

Posted by Megan Johnson on April 13, 2015

As the tax season closes for the 2015 year and the first season for ACA penalties concludes, believe it or not, there isn’t as much backlash happening as everyone expected. We all waited anxiously for the “uproar” but surprisingly there is none, as Natalie Villacorta and Erin Mershon discussed in the Politico article published on April 12th. Due […]

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