Uncovering Business Exposures: Cyber Liability

Posted by Joseph Belt on August 18, 2017

In 2013, Target was the victim of a malicious cyber attack in which hackers successfully stole confidential customer information over the course of 19 days. The attack was a widespread news story that led to an ongoing legal struggle, ending when Target paid out millions in settlement dollars. Aside from the obvious cost of a legal settlement, Target also […]

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Uncovering Business Exposures: Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Posted by Joseph Belt on June 29, 2017

If you speak with a small business owner regarding the greatest threats their business faces, they may list competition, a changing marketplace, or inherent risks that insurance protects against (like fire, theft, or vandalism). There is an ever-growing reality, however, that every business owner faces and many fail to insure against: Employment Practices Claims. Most […]

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Locking Up Your Data: The Reality of Cyber Security and Liability

Posted by Joseph Belt on May 3, 2016

In a constantly evolving business landscape, managers must have a keen understanding of growth opportunities, future trends, and potential threats. With each passing day the world is becoming more interconnected through various virtual platforms, and many businesses have gone entirely paperless. While these developments have allowed us to become more efficient and generate new revenue […]

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