Acts of Encouragement: Secret Encourager Week

Posted by Admin on July 1, 2015

Have you ever heard the saying, “a little bit can go a long way”? As part of the Good Vibes Committee at Broome Associates, we believe encouraging one another is the best way to have fun and make memories to strengthen our team. Our Secret Encourager week was one I will never forget! We each chose a name of a different coworker two weeks ago and spent last week “secretly” encouraging the person we drew with gifts of all kinds, many of which you can see were displayed with appreciation every day on our Facebook page. The challenge is always sneaking gifts onto each other’s desk without them finding out.

FullSizeRender (1)

When Chelsea came in to work on Tuesday, she found this fun gift and knew that her Secret Encourager is on to her; this person knew that she likes Baby Ruth bars. Secret Encourager Grade: A for Awesome.

Every day last week you could walk down the halls and see flower bouquets of all assortments, balloons, sweet cards, and favorite snacks covering each and every desk! What a great surprise to walk in and immediately see your favorite flowers on the corner of your desk; it makes for a perfect day. Many employees were treated to gift cards for their favorite restaurants, and some even received monogrammed purses! To see the effort that we put into encouragement through gift-giving, it seemed that employees in the office were more excited to give than to receive.


Emily’s Secret Encourager gave gifts to her and her dog!

Revealing ourselves on Friday was so much fun; we were like kids on Christmas morning. Some of the encouragers came right out and told their “person”, and some made the reveal a little more interesting. Nonetheless, by Friday at noon everyone had been revealed and thanked tremendously for the thought and appreciation that went into each and every gift. Behind each gift there is a bigger story of the personal thought and kindness put into this week. After our reveal of encouragement in the office, we each wanted to share the story of our week with you.

This is our third round with the Secret Encourager program and it gets better every time! If you don’t currently have a Secret Encourager program at your place of business I suggest you adopt one today! Give one of us a call or read more about our Good Vibes Challenge!

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