My Vision for Catawba County

Posted by Robert Broome, Jr. on February 23, 2015

These are my personal thoughts for the vision of our Broome Team and how it integrates with my vision for the Catawba County area and beyond. This was part of my speech at the recent Catawba County Chamber of Commerce annual meeting held Wed. February 18th at the Hickory Convention Center.

Robert speaks at the Catawba County Chamber of Commerce annual meeting

Being active on the Chamber Board these past 4 years has broadened my view of how Catawba County has a heritage of giving. The Miracle of Hickory that occurred during the Polio Epidemic of 1944 is a great example of the heritage we have as servants and givers. I’m sure many of you are aware of this story, but if not please go to YouTube to learn more about how our citizens put their own lives and health on the line to create a safe haven for polio victims to be treated and to heal. Connectivity – we are so connected and in need of each other to fulfill the complete purpose of who we are meant to be. Pressure in the form of hard times can cause us to pull together or fall apart. I have a vision for our region to pull together. I just want to do my part and I want to encourage each of you here to simply do your part in your sphere of influence. I encourage us all to look for ways we can be givers. To ask “What can I bring to help?” instead of “What’s in it for me?”. To be a part of accomplishing together what we never could alone.  Did you know that everything on earth has a vibration? Even you! We have a choice each moment to put off a positive or a negative vibration. At our business of 20 people, we have a Good Vibes Committee that rewards and encourages our team when they see acts that produce good vibrations.

Robert makes remarks about his vision for Catawba County, beginning with personal responsibility

My vision for our business is that we create together a culture where it is a blessing to come to work and relate to each other, and that this culture would spill over to our families and our clients that we work with every day. From there, it would impact the community, the region, the state, the nation, and throughout the world. We have a written covenant with each other and our customers that helps support this others-centered culture. My belief is that if we each do our part to bring this type of a serve first/ go-give attitude to Catawba County, then our community will truly be an oasis of refreshment to all who interact with us.  My vision is that your Chamber will help facilitate, connect, and unify Catawba County. I will leave you with an African saying that has been born out of much pain and struggle:

If you want to go fast…go alone.

If you want to go far…go together.


Broome Associates were seen throughout the Chamber of Commerce meeting. These and more pictures from the Chamber of Commerce meeting are available online, all courtesy of Pat Appleson.

Bob and Susan Broome at the luncheon

Emily speaks at the luncheon

Emily speaks at the luncheon

Featured Speaker Tommy Spaulding with Robert

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